Car valeting is the process of cleaning and polishing your car’s exterior and interior so that it functions efficiently and maintains its value. Washing and cleaning your car has many benefits, some of which you may not have thought of.

Here’s why you should valet regularly


The time we spend in our cars is close to the time we spend in our houses. Hence if we clean our homes to avoid getting sick, the same should happen to our cars. Sometimes people spill food and drinks in the car giving room for growth of harmful bacteria. The germs we carry into our cars can cause numerous health complications as germs such as bacteria can accumulate on various parts of the car, especially the steering wheel and the doors. It is crucial that you clean the car to avoid illnesses, especially for children. A study conducted by the Microbiology Investigation Center at the [1] University of Nottingham shows that dirty cars could be a breeding ground for staphylococcus and other diseases. Other studies such as those conducted by the [2] University of Birmingham have shown that there were more germs in each square centimeter of a children’s car seat than in a toilet. This goes to show how important it is to clean the interior of your car.


A car that is covered in dirt is dangerous, and it can cause accidents easily. This is because there is less visibility, especially in poor weather conditions. Dirty windshield and windows make it hard for drivers to see. It is essential to ensure that the driver sees clearly through the window for utmost safety. A number of accidents occur due to poor visibility, all because of a dirty car. Make sure you valet your car for your safety and that of your family.

Fuel efficiency

A car that is covered in dirt and grime uses more fuel than a clean car. It is vital to clean the throttle body of an automobile to remove the carbon buildup and improve fuel efficiency. The amount of fuel lost from a dirty car is a lot compared to that of a clean car. A dirty car drags, and this makes it burn a lot of fuel. Hence you can save the money you spend on buying fuel buy just cleaning your car regularly.

It is appealing

No one wants to drive or ride in a car covered in dirt and mud. People will judge you based on the condition of your car. Hence if you want to create a good impression, then ensure that your car’s appearance is also impressive. Driving a clean, shiny car elevates your pride and makes you feel good. Not to mention the luck you will have with the ladies! Oh and ladies, a man loves a woman who knows her way arWoshline-car-wash-london-7ound a car!

High resale value

A car that is regularly valeted will cost more than one that is not. Potential buyers are attracted to cars that are well maintained. If you hope to resell your car at a high value, ensure that it is regularly cleaned and maintained. A car that is often valeted appears as more valuable than one that is not.

Saves you money

Valeting your car saves you time and costly repairs. Rust and paint chips can cause corrosion to your car and repairing parts of your car can be a costly affair. Cleaning the interior also ensures that you don’t have to replace your carpets and car seats. Exterior cleaning maintains the paint of your car and as in most cases, painting a car is expensive. Acid rains also cause damage to your car, and so you need to safeguard your car by washing it regularly.

It makes your car look new

A car is a substantial financial investment, for most people, it is not something you keep buying often. Hence you need to ensure that your car looks new for quite a while. This can be possible by ensuring that you valet your car regularly. Driving an old looking car is not something good,and people will associate it with being poor. Cleaning your car will also extend the lifespan of your car with maintained beauty.

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