Although most car owners rarely take time to think of it, it is very important to protect the interior of your car as well as the plastics on the exterior from natural elements. If direct sunlight can make the plastic lying outdoors to fade, what makes you think the plastic used in your car won’t fade in the long run due to exposure from direct sunlight? But the good news is that proper car detailing can help protect the exterior plastics as well as the indoor of yourcar-valeter-polishing-car-interior car; this is done via a process known as plastic dressing. Plastic dressing helps decontaminate and protect all the non-leather, non-fabric surfaces in your car’s interior. Bad odours, bacteria, and ordinary dirt are all removed plastic dressing. The dressing helps protect the paint from weather variations like sun rays, acid rain, and so on. You’ll realize that once you dress your interior trim it’ll be easier to clean and restore the allure of the surface the next time you’re at it.

Plastic dressing; start by cleaning the plastic in your car in the interior and exterior. There are special cleaning products that are meant for cleaning plastics and vinyl surfaces. Once you use these, you can try using regular shampoo to maintain the polished look of the surface.

How often should the plastic be dressed?

Here at Woshline, we usually recommend that the dressing be done every time we’re cleaning your car. Most cleaning products and chemicals are inherently detrimental to the appearance and allure of the car’s plastic; they make it fade with time. But regular dressing and use of eco-friendly products plus shampooing will all work towards giving your car a brilliant appearance on the plastics for a long time. Scrubbing the plastic surfaces too much risks leaving unsightly marks and patches; which is why it is very important to picked a professional car detailer to do the job on your behalf. Better still, get a car detailer who offers mobile services; this way they can come over to your premises and you’ll be able to observe how they do the dressing without the hassle of leaving your home.

What you need; you’ll need to have microfiber towels and vinyl cleaning products. Apply the vinyl cleaner on the plastic surfaces before wiping it gently but thoroughly with the towels. In cases where the plastic is covered by a thick layer of dirt or other contaminants, you can use a brush with soft bristles. Afterwards, you can remove any remaining cleaning products using a dry towel.

The Booking; seeing that only a professional car detailing company has the skills and know-how on the perfect way to plastic dress your car, we’re always on standby as and when you need us. When booking our services online, on our app, or via a phone call, just remember to include plastic dressing on top of the ordinary car washing services that we offer. We offer mobile car washing and detailing 24/7 and while at it, we will dress the plastic in your car’s interior and exterior.

Why not give us a call now on 02039165550 and let our mobile car detailers restore the lost glory of your plastic and trim? We have immense experience and we assure you 100% satisfaction. Doesn’t matter how faded or neglected the plastic finish on your car appears; fact of the matter is that we can always find a way to restore its lost allure and brightness.