If you own a Mercedes Benz car, by now you are well aware of just how reliable and technologically advanced these cars are. But despite the technology and great features, you have the primary duty of ensuring that you take the best care possible for your car in order for it to serve you longer, do more miles. And part of this care includes regular and proper washing. Regular servicing and trips to the mechanic are not everything; it takes regular and proper cleaning in order to maintain that brand new look on the car’s body and interior.

Mercedes Benz Washing tips;

First and foremost, most of the dirt and contaminants found in Mercedes is similar to what you’ll find in any other car; road grime, tar on the wheels, mud, pollutants on the body, stains in the interior, pet hair for those that allow dogs in their cars, and so on.  But unlike most cars, Mercedes Benz will require a slightly different approach when washing. Woshline has compiled a quick guide to help Benz owners get the best results possible when washing their rides;

  1. Before you start washing the car, ensure that it is cool and that the engine has not been running for 5 minutes or so. Also, the washing ought to be done in a shade, rather in the open direct sunlight.
  2. Ensure that you’re using only approved products on your Mercedes Benz; most car owners who experiment with dishwashing liquid quickly learn that it makes the pain fade faster.
  3. Mix approximately 4 caps full of Mercedes Benz Car Shampoo, which is equivalent to about one ounce, with water.
  4. Next, hose the entire car with a spray of water to soften any dirt, before using the shampoo to gently scrub and clean the car’s exterior.  Be sure to start from the top coming down to the wheels, cleaning one section of the car at a time. It’s okay using a soft sponge or towel to clean your Mercedes Benz; the wheels may need to be scrubbed with a brush and soap in order to erase any tar and stains on the tires.
  5. Rinse the car with a strong spray of clean water, again starting from top to bottom so that water can drain downwards. Use a dry towel or Sheepskin wash mitt to dry the car. However, if you’re cleaning the car’s interior too, you can let the car dry naturally as you concentrate on the interior.
  6. Once the car has dried up, you can help restore its finish by polishing it using Mercedes Benz paint care that removes blemishes and stubborn stains. A clean surface on your Benz ought to feel very smooth when you run your hand over; any roughness or particles you feel on the surface are an indicator that there are contaminants on the paint. As such, you could consider car detailing in order to eliminate such.

How often should you wash your Mercedes Benz? Well, this will depend primarily on the conditions you’re driving in, as well as where you live. For instance, if you reside near a coastline where there are higher concentrations of ocean salt, then you’ll need to clean your Benz more often.

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