Londoners are increasingly finding mobile car washing as a godsend, what with the convenience and benefits it accords them even as they go on with their day to day activities. You don’t have to drive all the way to a car wash; instead, the car washers will dispatch their washing crew to you, to your location. Your car gets cleaned on site as you attend to other matters; you don’t have to be present as the car gets washed.  As a matter of fact, mobile car detailing makes much sense when you have a packed itinerary and may not afford the time to head to a car detailing center. But is that all? Well, there’s more to mobile car detailing than just the convenience. Below are some of the main advantages of mobile car washing;

  • Convenience and comfort; One of the main advantages is the convenience and comfort. No more traffic jams and slow worker-vacuum-cardowns on your way to a car wash center, no lining up in car wash centers. You can have your car washed anywhere, at the work place, at the gym, on the driveway, home, in the parking lot, and so on. You’re thus able to concentrate on pursue other errands in the meanwhile.
  • Impact on environment; most mobile car washers in London use steam to clean cars. With steam, all the dirt and grime on the car is lifted with ease, thus no need for any cleaning chemicals or stiff brushes. No scratches or unsightly swirls on your car’s body. Steaming uses minimal water which is better for the environment and is also very effective in making your car shine and dazzle from top to bottom
  • Your own health; your car’s interior harbors bacteria and germs collected from pets for instance. Fleas will easily jump from your pet to the leather or clothe seats. How embarrassing it’d be to have fleas jumping hither and thither on your passenger’s wrist, to your lap. But with steam cleaning, all these are killed and cleaned off. Steaming your car’s interior kills all bacteria and germs; fleas and their eggs are also killed and cleaned off.
  • Your safety guaranteed; the leading car washers in London like Woshline offer comprehensive car detailing services. In other words, vital areas of your car are professionally cleaned to ensure that they’re fully functional and operational. Rejuvenated headlights for instance help you see the road better at night, while Steam engine cleaning is known to reduce engine fires.
  • Customizable services; with mobile car washing, you’re able to request for customized services that are unique to your needs. For instance you could ask for the car to be washed and polished, have the interior vacuumed and wheels scrubbed of brake oil, and so on. If you want to ask for full interior detailing, scratch or dent removal; the mobile car detailer will come prepared for all these.
  • Personalized Services; needless to say, you can’t compare the level of customer service you’ll get with a mobile car washer, and a regular car wash center. Here, the mobile car washer strives to serve you excellently so you can ask for their services next time. Thus, they work on your car without any haste, only resting when the job is fully and completely done. A regular car center on the other hand may have to clean each car in a hurry in order to move on to the next one.
  • Eco friendly option; having a clean car is one thing, but ensuring that you’re doing it in an eco friendly way is another. The best car washing method is one that helps keep the environment clean, helps save water. For instance, according to Miss Lin, CEO and Founder of Woshline, steam cleaning uses only about a Pint of water to clean an average sized car. A big truck would need about 4.5 liters when being cleaned by steam. Plus no harmful chemicals are used during steam cleaning.

Woshline is the leading mobile car washing service provider in London and the immediate areas. We’re fast, we’re reliable, we’re professional, and we’re affordable! Get in touch today on 02039165550 and we’ll be glad to work on your car till its shiny and pristine look is restored.